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Business Transformation

With years of experience in transforming companies into a Lean operation achieving 4X results, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. At Quadruple Consulting, our consultants work with you to move your organisation towards the true north. And, our consultants have the capabilities and experience to actually do it. We do not take assignments unless the leadership of your company is committed to Lean transformation. We believe in making you Lean not making you look Lean.

Supply Chain Services

One of the biggest contributors to the hidden factory is the supply chain activities. Huge inventory, unreliable suppliers, surprise shortages due to inventory variances, unattended  excess and obsolete, wrong items sent to the production line,  lost materials --- the problems are infinite. The most often reason is the lack of attention to the materials side when compared with the production line. At Quadruple Consulting, we help you overcome these problems while reducing your costs.

Manufacturing Services

Have you ever wondered how much you can grow your operation if you can just focus on the critical few rather than everything. We have our own manufacturing set up where you can outsource your assemblies while focusing on the activities that create real value to the customer. Our lean background means we would be able to give you a good quality product while keeping your costs low.

4X - Double output with half the resource


4X Improvement -

Double the output

with half the cost