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We follow the ARCS methodology during the training. Our Lean and Six Sigma training is a mix of class room, learning games, and by practical implementation. We encourage a class room of no more than 8 people at a time to ensure effective training.

The ARCS model stands for Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction.

Attention: A good trainer should be able to quickly gain the attention of the participants. We achieve this with games that arouse a curiosity in the participants. The curiosity leads to an inquisitive mindset which is now ready for the next stage

Relevance: Once the participant is ready with an inquisitive mind, the participation can be made effective only if the training is relevant to their current scenario. We do this by understanding your operation before training (You get an added benefit of Lean assessment during this process)

Confidence: The trainer should instill a sense of confidence in learners by helping them to believe that they can succeed otherwise the participant will lose interest. We do this making the participant apply the learning right away to their situation under our guidance. As they start seeing changes by implementing the learning, their confidence grows and are ready for the next level of training.

Satisfaction: The biggest satisfaction a participant can get from a training is seeing that implemented successfully. Before the training starts, every participant would be asked to choose a relevant scenario to apply the training. They will be guided during the training to implement it.

Training Modules
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