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When you are going through a tremendous growth phase, your biggest constraint is resource allocation. You would be better served if you focus on the critical and outsource the rest. Our manufacturing arm KRIYATECH can help you offload the non-critical tasks with our own 47000 sq ft facility.

Our capabilities range from Assembly to Packing.  Apart from our own facility, we have associate facilities who can offer multitude of capabilities. After all, the proof is any pudding is in eating. If we consider ourselves to be a Lean transformation expert, we need to show that it is doable.

Outsourcing your assemblies can bring you major benefits:

  • Lower facility and equipment expenses

  • Less space, and no need to purchase or maintain equipment.  

  • Reduced labor expenses -- No hassle of hiring, training or managing an assembly work force

Kriyatech Difference: 

What makes us unique when there are so many contract manufacturers out there. Three simple things -- Quality, Delivery, and Flexibility

  • Quality: Our first and foremost priority is quality. We live by the dictum " Highest quality producer is always the lowest cost producer". Our focus is more on Quality Assurance than Quality Control.
  • Delivery: Our lean background ensures we are nimble enough to meet any of your delivery requirements. Our swift response always ensure the product is shipped on time even when there is a surge in demand. 

  • Flexibility: Our expertise range from job production to contract assembly to component assembly. Our relationship with our associate facilities means we can meet most of you requirements

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