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Lean Transformation

When you want to transform your operation into a Lean Operation

Business Transformation

Transform a successful family business into a professional company 

Business Excellence

Identify and focus on projects to Overcome competition, Reduce cost, Improve profitability 

Talent Management

Temporarily help steady the ship, or fill a gap between changes or identify right talent to fill

Lean Transformation

Now that you have decided to transform your operation into a Lean operation, you end up with a question --How do we do it?

That's where we come. With our years of experience in transforming a non performing operation into a Lean operation we have a developed a structured process. With this as a base we will guide through the process until the set objectives are achieved. The process starts with a Lean assessment.

A lot of companies have jumped into the Lean bandwagon but only a few have successfully implemented it. For the rest, that was a fad, and probably they have moved on to the next fad.

This happens when the company implementing Lean was focusing too much on the tools, and losing out on the culture. In some cases, the senior managers get caught up in firefighting leaving little time to focus on the big picture.

We help you overcome this pitfall by closely working with the leadership team and guiding your operation to achieve the true north.

Our Services Include:

  • Lean Assessment

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Policy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)

  • Kaizen Blitz

Since a true Lean transformation requires a sustained long term effort, we offer our services only if the top leadership demonstrates the commitment. We also commit ourselves to a limited number of assignments to ensure we do justice to our customer.

Lean Transformation

Business Transformation

Whether you are a successful family business built by a single promoter planning to hand over the reign to the next generation or a small business scaling up your ambitions aiming for an IPO, the problem is the same – How do you professionalize the company?

A professionally run company will survive multiple generations. The market pays a premium for a  professionally run company during an IPO.

The complexity grows exponentially as you start scaling up a manufacturing operation.Your existing resources may not have the bandwidth to handle such a complexity.

Our years of experience with Fortune 200 companies has exposed us to world class systems. We will work with you to implement such systems suited to your organization. You can be assured that your company will continue to prosper long after your time.

Biz Transformation

Business Excellence

When the competition is breathing down your neck, you would like to stay ahead of them. There is only one way to achieve this -- reducing your cost, improving you quality and delivery, improving cost, reducing inventory, re organize your factory etc.

Some of our past clients have achieved a cost reduction on a particular product by 25% within a week. Our unique lock down process allows your team to deliver breakthrough within a week. Sounds unbelievable but our track record shows such breakthroughs are possible. 


Call us for a demonstration of how we do it.


Talent Management

A sudden exit by a key leadership member can be very disruptive to your business. While you are trying to find a suitable  replacement we can help you with managing the interim period.

In addition, we can help you with identifying the right resource as a replacement

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