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Building a Lean Supply Chain

Course Price

₹ 3999

Course length

12 Hours (3 Weeks, 2 sessions each week, Each Session 2 hours)

Building a Lean Supply Chain


Arul Senniappan

Arul Senniappan

  • Masters in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University,

  • CORE Business Program from Harvard Business School

  • Founder of Quadruple Group, a CIO Review "10 Most Promising Manufacturing Service Provider in India"

  • Alumni of Danaher, home of famed Danaher Business System

  • Under his leadership the India Operations of Danaher won 'Most Improved Plant in Asia/Pacific" among 40+ plants

  • Trained by disciples of Toyota at Shingijitsu from Japan

  • Leadership roles in multiple countries

  • Led lean transformations for Gilbarco Veeder Root, Hach, Wittur

  • Sensei to Rexnord, John Cockerill, Eurocast, Messer Cutting, and RKFL

  • Over 100 kaizen blitzs under his belt

  • Trained over 1000 Lean Practitioners. Recognised globally as an expert in Lean Transformations

About the course

In this LIVE personalized 3 week online course by a global expert you will learn how to set up your supply chain to optimize inventory and improve cash flow in a Lean manner.
This a 3-Week online personalized course with two sessions every week. Each session is 2 hours long. Only 5 participants are allowed to give maximum attention. The following topics will be covered
Week 1
1. Intro to Lean Supply Chain (2 Hours)
2. Daily Management (2 Hours)
Week 2
1. Standard Work (2 Hours)
2. Production Leveling (Heijunka) (2 Hours)
Week 3
1. Kanban (2 Hours)
2.SMED/EPEI (2 Hours)

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